Haze Blue Stands Braided Lucky Chinese Copper Coins Knot Bracelet

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Bring luck, prosperity and good fortune into your life with this unique Lucky Chinese Copper Coins Knot Bracelet. 

Woven from polyester fibre, featuring with highly durable and can withstand much wear and tear without much maintenance.

💜Adjusted size:13cm-19cm (wrist size)


Is it safe to wear my jewellery in showers? What about in the swimming pool?

Yes, it is, but we don't recommend it. The exposure to moisture may speed up the oxidation process for silver. Other than that showering does not harm your jewellery. However, wearing your jewellery into hot tubs, hot springs or swimming pools is definitely putting your jewellery at risk. The chemicals (natural and otherwise) could possibly oxidize the metal instantly.

I have allergies to metal. Is the metal you use safe for me to wear?

A large proportion of allergies to metal are due to the nickel content in the alloys. In our shop, only Sterling silver is NICKEL FREE.

Sold-out product – when will it be in stock again?

Our website is updated daily. We recommend you follow it or set up a notification by email. Once the desired product is back in stock you’ll receive an email notification.