Ring Size Guide

Measuring Your Finger:

Using a thin strip of paper, string or tape - firmly wrap it around your ring finger between your first and second knuckle. Make sure it's a comfortable fit and not putting excess pressure on your finger.

To ensure the proper fit of your ring, make sure to take into account the following considerations:

1. Make sure the ring sits comfortably on your finger, clear of your knuckle but not too loose as to fall off easily.

2. To get an accurate measurement, it's best to measure your finger as different times as your finger size may change throughout the day.

3. If your measurement falls between sizes, it's recommended to choose the closest sizes to your measurement.

4. In case of a wrong fit, don't worry! Our exchange policy has got you covered, and we will make sure to find the right fit for you.


Ring Size Chart

Internal Circumference (in/mm)
5 1.94 / 49.3
6 2.04 / 51.9
7 2.14 / 54.4
8 2.24 / 57
9 2.34 / 59.5
10 2.44 / 62.1
11 2.54 / 64.6
12 2.65 / 67.2
13 2.74 / 69.7*
14 2.85 / 72.3*


*Larger sizes (13 &14), When choosing your ring size, it's important to keep in mind that larger sizes have a greater tolerance between sizes, meaning there is more room for variation. Additionally, make sure to consider the size of your knuckles when selecting a size.

Note: Not all ring styles will be available in all sizes. Choosing the size closest to the measurement you obtained when measuring the circumference of your finger.